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Crack Weld Seams

I have a 2016 Aqua Patio 25ft tri tube.   Dealer took the boat out of the water  10/2019 and found cracks on all three pontoons at the weld seams.     Dealer is claiming Godfrey has lifetime warrantee on the pontoons.    Dealer put claim into Godfrey in December 2019 and we still have not received a response.    Has anyone experienced this problem?     Dealer claims it could take several months for Godfrey to approve claim an ship pontoons.


  • proftomdaproftomda Member Posts: 9
    If you are the original owner then you should be covered.   Dealer needs to be more forceful with the manufacturer to keep things moving.   If you are not the original owner the only warranty item that transfers is a lifetime deck rot free warranty.  I have a 2018 Sweetwater that I purchased from the original owner with 60 hours on it and I was surprised when I spoke with Godfrey about a couple small items and they informed me that I have no warranty except for the deck.  FYI, it is my experience that Godfrey does not like interacting directly with its customers and always pushes you towards the dealer.  Way different experience than with other boat brands I have owned.  Good luck!
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