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2018 2286 Fuel Vent Issue?

Just purchased a 2018 2286.  I tried to add fuel yesterday and when I unscrewed the fuel cap, I was sprayed in the face with fuel coming out of the tank.  Tank was 1/4 full at he time.  So my question is twofold.  Has this ever happened to anyone else?  Where is the fuel tank vent located?  I believe I have a vent issue but not sure where the vent is located.   Thank youi  


  • SweetTriHullSweetTriHull Member Posts: 1
    I too have a Fuel Venting issue with my recently purchased 2018 2086SB (new in late 2019).  My problem is not getting sprayed in the face opening the gas cap, but putting gas in and having it slowly leak back out at various times during the fill operation (think 20+ minutes to half fill the tank).  Once it sounded like a toilet being flushed, when pressure was obviously released from somewhere, but did not last long.  The initial fill had taken place when purchased. I'd like to think it might be related to the EPA Carbon Canister (emissions control?) under the rear seat that none of my prior 5 boats had installed.  I looked up the canister info on the web but does not speak of the correct operation of the coin operated venting mechanism that sits to the right of the gas cap.  Turn left?  Turn right?  How far?  Is this the only user option to address the venting issue?  Nothing in the boat user manual addresses this, and the dealer I purchased the boat from was unfamiliar with it. 
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