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Warranty problems

I purchased a new Sweetwater 2186 Cruise TT back on July 3, 2018 and have had a problem with the captains chair mechanism falling apart so now it can't be fixed in one position. It slides back and forth when you drive....  I notified my dealer (Linden Sports Center) a number of times either by phone and email but even though they promise service it never happens.  I have sent emails to Godfrey as well but have never had a response.  SO...where do I go from here? 


  • MollyAdminMollyAdmin USAAdministrator Posts: 14 admin
    Hello! I have sent this over to the customer service team. Can you send an inquiry to [email protected] and include your HIN number and first and last name? Thank you!
  • BradN88BradN88 Member Posts: 2
    curious, did you ever get this resolved?
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