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ROBDOGROBDOG Member Posts: 1
I need to make height adjustments to the top, do you adjust both support post where the pins go into the holes?   It looks like you can adjust 3" or so, but when i do it is very hard to attach to top in the front slots.
I know how to lower it down and raise it up, i need to lower to fit under some of the bridges and still have the top open.

Any help


  • dgperazadgperaza Ray HubbardMember Posts: 7
    Lowering the top makes the fabric tighter, so it takes more effort to latch the front supports. Fairly simple to latch though if you grab the top of the canopy frame and hang your weight on it to create enough “slack” for the support arms to latch. Had to do the same thing on my previous G3 pontoon.
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