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2010 Sweetwater Tuscany - Trying to find parts - NEED HELP PLEASE!!

I have contacted several dealers and none have been able to help me with parts.  They all sell the boats, but do not service nor can order parts....I don't understand that?? Does anyone know a dealer or how I can contact Godfrey to find out what parts I need and how to get them?  This has been very frustrating and the dealership that sold the boat stopped selling Godfrey boats in 2015.  I have a 2010 Sweetwater Tuscany that I need for a fuel cap with gauge.  Currently I cannot tell how much gas I have in the tank.  I would like to upgrade with a sending unit, but unsure if I can do that as well.  I'm also trying to find the trim piece that goes at the bottom of the boat between the pontoon and boat to hide the brackets where the pontoons are mounted.  Any information would be greatly appreciated as 6 nearest dealers that I have contacted will not help since they don't sell parts.   Again, they sell the boat, but can't service them or get parts???
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