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Extremely Poor Workmanship on my Aqua Patio 220

I have a 2015 - 220 Aqua Patio and upon inspecting it after a wave cause damage I found that in several places the two (2) sided tape was not properly installed (left the backing on). I went to my dealer and let them know and they sent my email to Godfrey. 
Factory response was that this is a insurance issue and not a factory issue. Why use both sides of two sided tape - maybe to hold the tin in place to the rail so it doesn't cave in when pressure washed??? My pressure washer dented the back panel and all the little red "flags" came out and this is after I noticed it on the front of the boat when a wave knocked out the gate panel almost cutting my kids up with its sharp edges and dented the driver side front panel but not the passenger side where the tape was properly installed. My response from the factory was that they use two sided tape but don't always use both sides, well that makes no sense to me why use it at all if you don't use both sides? This is not an insurance issue this is poor quality workmanship direct from the factory. 
I also purchased the bow filler seat and received it in the wrong color and was told my normal seating is sun faded?? Then had the sun deck replaced and guess what it matches the bow filler seat and not my other seating. Nothing is fading so far on the upholstery, but my fiberglass helm is sure fading and has chips in the surface from a poor molding when built.  
Not sure what else I will find on my travles with this boat but I will be sure to let all consumers that I can know about the issues.
In all, we paid $40K and we are not pleased at all with the factory not owning their mistakes which are glaring at me every time I drive it. Thanks for the Poor Workmanship Godfrey, guess its my problem not yours....
here are some pics that I will post on other forums as well to advise consumers.
(Look at the gate panel, has tape marks only on the bottom and spots in the center section, nothing on the sides or top)


  • Flitzer999Flitzer999 Member Posts: 7
    edited July 2020
    Well I can surely see your frustration. The filler cushion looks as if it’s a different dye lot or just the wrong color altogether. As for the dented panels, Godfrey should always use both sides of the two-sided tape. It’s just plain stupid not to. That being said, the area that’s dented under the light looks like it would have been dented with or without tape. I’d call it an insurance claim due to that fact. 
  • 220McLeod220McLeod Member Posts: 3
    And Godfrey can't even comment or call to discuss any issues. Going to add that all my gauges are now starting to fail, the indicator is falling off the gauge or at least it looks that way. If the two sided tape was applied on it properly the one side that dented would not have dented so badly because the other side is almost fine and the two sided tape was applied properly, the gate panel would have stayed in as well.
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