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2020 Monaco MC 235 SB

Our 2020 Monaco MC 235 SB was delivered on 5/22/20. What a nice looking boat and we get a lot of compliments, but...

Do any other owners have concerns with Godfrey's quality and attention to detail? Three of the bench seats fall through the seat frames, black over-spray paint all over the railings (when sold I was told the railings were anodized so why is paint needed?), seat back has over-spray, helm, side entry door not aligned, speaker LED's pop breaker, stereo stops playing in Bluetooth mode when the speaker lights do work and when you turn them on the sound quits, master power switch sometimes doesn't turn everything off and the stereo has come back on after powering off with the master power switch then came back on with the switch off. We have the 27" pontoons with full lifting strakes and the boat has major cavitation when trying to trim and can rarely get on-plane. Must have 1/4 tank of gas or less, two people at most on a calm day and then if all the stars align it will eventually get up on the lifting strakes. Motor is mounted over an inch high on the transom so it can be lowered, but I have not heard anything back from Godfrey or the dealer if lowering would help.

I thought we were purchasing a top quality boat with Godfrey being in the business for over 60 years, but what a disappointment! If we wanted a boat like this we would have purchased a Misty Harbor for 15K-20K less! 

Do we have a lemon or are other Monaco owners having the same or other concerns?

Thanks, Dave
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