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You're Killing Me, Godfrey

Let me start off by saying this: despite what I'm going to write, we've loved our 2020 Monaco 255 SFL and have used the heck out of it this season (123 hours to date after a May 24th launch). I really want to say good things about Godfrey. People ask us about our boat all the time. It looks great. We constantly get compliments. But it's getting harder to recommend them as a brand.

Right out of the gate back in late May, we discovered electrical gremlins. Turn the interior lights on-- sound system cuts out. Turn the lights off-- music comes back. Radio randomly turns off and reboots. Turn on the swim lights and get a crazy loud hum through the speakers. 

Our dealer was great. First sent a tech to the marina and thought they had it fixed (ground issue). Two days later, problem was right back. Dealer hauled the boat and ended up having to tear into the wiring to find the issue. Losing time on a brand new boat for a factory issue-- not good. 

As this is going on and we're setting up our new boat and cleaning under the helm. I find a loose bolt and washer just laying on the deck. Cleaning near the subwoofer in the storage area-- another lose bolt and washer just laying there. 

Then I notice that the Simrad is mounted about 2 degrees crooked. It can't be adjusted, they just cut a crooked mounting square at the factory. 

A month later, the bolt and dowel for the bimini where it locks in at the rail just falls out. We check the bimini hardware and find that 80% of the screws are finger lose. Seriously? 

Underway a month later and notice that the whole portside fence is swaying heavily side-to-side. Discover the bolt that anchors the fence to the bench was loose and completely backed out. 

That's when we also notice that we have fencing panels that aren't connected to the cross rails because someone at the factory neglected to peel off the backer of the 3m tape.

Now the latest-- we notice over the last two months our Graywood vinyl plank decking is discoloring and turning brown. Despite religiously washing her down after every use and washing her every couple of weeks, it keeps getting worse. We reach out for our dealer (shout out to New Jersey Outboards in Bayville, NJ-- they've been great) and they coordinate with Godfrey. 

Now we find out that the flooring is bad and our boat has to go back to Indiana to be completely disassembled and have a new floor installed. 

This isn't a Sun Tracker we picked up at Bass Pro Shops. This is a boat with an $73K sticker price. 

Godfrey has been very responsive about the warranty and addressing the flooring issue, but I feel like this boat was built by a high school shop class, not a reputable company in the business for 60 years. 

I'm not sure what Godfrey is doing, or how they got the positive reputation they have, but I can tell you this-- if our boat is representative of Godfrey's quality and attention to detail, they're reputation is going to be changing pretty quickly...


  • dbushdbush Member Posts: 3
    Definitely seems like there are some first year issues with the Monaco (to put it lightly).  We had the same issue with our stereo buzzing when we turned on the interior lights, and then it would multiply x10 if we had the swim lights on at the same time.  The dealer told us to adjust the amplifier using the app on our phones for the fusion radio, which helped the speakers, but the sub still buzzes like crazy with lights or motor on.  Seems to tell me every one of these sold with an amp + RGB speakers will have this problem unless the dealer fixes it first.  Why wouldnt Godfrey do that while its being wired?  We have also had random screws laying round, and unused materials just sitting under the seats.  We have also found a lot of screws underneath holding the skirting on only half screwed in.  Our biggest issue is nothing as serious as yours, but it's almost impossible to latch the bimini on the starboard side.  We also have the SFL, but we dont have the toybox behind the drivers seat.  It seems without that to anchor the fence to, the fence is bowing out.  So when we go to latch the front leg of the bimini, someone has to pull the fence in towards the boat or it wont line up at all.  Dealer has a 2021 in the showroom (we have 2020) identical to ours and it does the same thing. It's a 2 person job to put the top up and down.  We too love the boat, and it's beautiful, but there are so many small things and a few big things that seem wrong with these boats.  Im with you, seems like in that price range it would be a better experience out of the gate. 
    Hope you get the flooring corrected before next season!
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