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Add front bimini

LDraheimLDraheim Member Posts: 1

I am looking at putting a front Bimini on my 2021 AP259CBE because I've had skin cancer twice and want to enjoy my new boat. The current cover is charcoal. I was quoted $4500 from the dealer because they say they need to replace the original oversize cover with one that has a zipper to connect the two Bimini's. I've been told by several pontoon owners that we are getting ripped off. I was expecting more like $1500. I would like to get it from Godfrey direct but they won't sell it to me. 


  • HanahAdminHanahAdmin USAAdministrator Posts: 7 admin
    Hi LDraheim, congrats on your new Godfrey! Yes, this would need to be purchased though one of our Dealers. With this link, you can locate additional dealers to purchase through if needed:
  • backerbbbackerbb Member Posts: 6
    LDrahiem, you can have a custom made front bimini added by a local awning shop or one of the national chains for about $1000 (or less) that will integrate to your existing bimini.  Check out my pictures of a full enclosure in the photo gallery.  We had that made at awning shop in Salt Lake City for less than you were quoted.  Included the front bimini and frame.
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