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My 2011 Godfrey Sweetwater 2086 won't go over half speed at times, what's up?

I can turn the engine off and back on and it speeds back up. It has a BF50 hp Honda motor.


  • CraigModeratorCraigModerator USAMember, Moderator Posts: 23
    I am not experienced with Honda outboards, but It may be that the engine is going into "limp mode" which is common to most all modern outboard engines.  This happens when the ECM senses a problem and lowers the rpm's available to help protect the engine, but still give you some power to get you back to shore.  It is often associated with temperature overheating and oil pressure.  Usually when you go into this mode it will produce a code to give a mechanic an idea of what produced the condition.  Often there is an audible alarm that sounds and/or warning light on the helm dash to alert you to the limp mode being activated. 

    Reading your explanation, it almost sounds like you have a bad sensor giving out intermittent readings to the ECM.
  • tlight4tlight4 Member Posts: 2
    I found how to check the codes and came up with a code 26, any idea what that means?
  • CraigModeratorCraigModerator USAMember, Moderator Posts: 23
    I have been unsuccessful in finding a list of Honda fault codes, they seem to keep it hidden pretty well.  You might want to contact a Honda outboard dealer and see if they will give you the info.
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