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Correct prop for 115 Yamaha SHO 2186 Fish pontoon

OuterEdgeOuterEdge Member Posts: 3
Hello, This is my first post. I am trying to figure out what prop to use with my 2186 Fish sweet water. I have the 115 SHO 20" shaft. Dealer put on 13-1/2 x12  pitch prop and it bounces off Rev limiter with  2 people full of fuel. Has a top speed of 26.8 MPH. Went back to dealer and put on 13-1/2 x15 And rpms dropped to 5750 with 2 people and full of fuel and speed was 24.2 MPH  Anyone have any luck with The talon prop  14x13 Pitch or better? It also would blow out in corners or if I loaded all the fishing gear in the front.  Pontoon is 2021  model
Please help 
Thank you Josh
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