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    Can I add a front bimini top to my Sweetwater SW2086?

    I can't find anything obvious that it is possible to add a front bimini cover to my Sweetwater 2086 pontoon boat.  Can this be done?  What type of bimini can be added?

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    • WAVRIDRIIWAVRIDRII Member Posts: 3
      Thanks Capt_Steve!  I've looked at Overtons and it's looking for sizes.  

      Width 7.5'-8' and length 8' or 17.6'
      Width 8'-8.5' and length 8' or 10'

      Also, frame 1" or 1.25"?

      Do you know the specifications for my boat?  Or where to measure to get them?
    • Capt_SteveCapt_Steve Member Posts: 164 admin
      @WAVERIDRII ... awesome! Here the are the specs for the 2013 Sweetwater 2086. Those square, aluminum bimini frames are 1.25". Good luck!

      Length (L.O.A.)20' 3" (6.18 M)
      Length (Pontoon)19' 2" (5.85 M)
      Beam102 (2.59 M)
      Maximum HP90 (67 KW)
      Approx. Wet Weight2299 (1044 KG)
      Approx. Dry Weight1618 (735 KG)
      Fuel Capacity21 (80 L)
      Person Capacity10 (9 )
    • DdancersDdancers Member Posts: 134 ✭✭

      Well my dealer just finished the canopy setup. I had thought that he was going to removed the old unit and fit it with a double canopy. Instead I ended up with 3 canopies which I think I like even better. I believe the cost was a factor  and engineering it likely easier. In any case I think it's going to work out well for me. The only problem I face now is figuring out if and where I can put the gas grill mount which ended up in the middle of the rear canopy frame.  Can't do anything about it until spring and never got to use it yet, so worst comes to worst I'll sell it.

      I believe that Sweetwater only offers Full Canopy on it's Bar floor plan. Also there is a seller on Ebay that will work with you and has everything required. If my dealer did not come up with a solution I would have used them. I think the total cost for a 24 ft pontoon Ebay kit was $1200. (DIY kit).

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