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I'm setting up my boat lift for a 2014 Sanpan 22SP I've noticed that the center pontoon is a

little higher than the two pontoons on the  outside. Can anyone tell me what that measurement might be so I can adjust the center bunk on the lift to help support the boat?


  • backerbbbackerbb Member Posts: 6
    The outer tubes should be 25" diameter and the inner tube should be 27" diameter.
  • dgperazadgperaza Ray HubbardMember Posts: 7
    I have a lift with two sets of bunks originally used for my previous pontoon that I currently use for my 2020 Sweetwater tritoon. Maybe someday I’ll add a set of center bunks, but it works fine as is. A Boatfloater dealer told me that people are always trailering tritoons with two bunks only with no issues. And a boat lift in the water will never see the shock loads of a trailer over the road, so it should be safe for the hull structure.
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