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Are the seat covers manufactured in house or purchased from and outside vendor?

We absolutely love our new AP 240 SL.  Having said that, unfortunately we are VERY disappointed in not only the fit but the installation of the snaps on our seat covers.  There are places where the covers are too tight and places where they are too loose.  I have snaps on the covers with nothing to snap them to.  Snaps were installed misalligned causing a very sloppy fit of the covers.  I have one cover that has a black grease like stain on it and I am afraid to get to agressive trying to get the grease off fearing that it will either discolor the cover or cause it to lose it's water repellency.




  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 admin
    We do produce our canvas in house. I'll need to verify with our operations team, but I believe that the process for installing our canvas has undergone a complete overhaul. Our plan is to eliminate these types of issues which tend to plague all boat manufacturers. The key is to balance the production of a custom fitted canvas cover without sacrificing the throughput of boats out the back door.

    As for the grease stain, I would suggest you contact the NGG Customer Service department by emailing [email protected] I believe she might be able to get you the answers you need!
  • zpeterszpeters Member Posts: 2

    Good morning. Just purchased my new slp220 triton. Yesterday.  Seems like we have very similar problem except I have more but my seat covers do not fit  missing buttons too tight list goes on. Very disappointed in this

  • WallieWallie Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 AquaPatio 28ft. Hardtop. The seat covers are hard and brittle and in very bad shape from age and exposure. Does Godfrey make replacement seat cover for this model?  If not, where would I go to get replacements? 
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