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Lots of water in the ski locker...

I have a 2007 Sanpan 2500RE with triple tubes with a ski locker in the center tube. After a day of tubing the ski locker was completely full of water. the bottom of the deck has metal sheeting. That seems an insane amount of water to get in and I can't figure out where its coming from. thinking its coming in between the deck and the top of the tube.


  • bahama_bluebahama_blue Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Sanpan with this same issue. The Bilge pump was working then would kick out, I'm unable to climb into the locker so I used my cell phone and selfie stick to video what is going on in the hole with the pump and seen some wood chips looking debris under the storage plate floating around the base of the pump. I just bought the Tritoon used so not sure how that got down in there, or how to get it out. Mine appears to be taking on a lot of water somewhere during higher speed travel. Water level doesn't increase when going below 15 mph or when parked. 1.Any ideas how to tell where water is coming in? 2.Is being a tiny person the only way to service the bilge pump in the rear of the ski locker? 3. Any advice on getting debris out of bottom  of the tube (under welded in plate)?
  • lgc12lgc12 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2014 Aqua Patio 240 Elite with the EXACT same issue.
    LOTS of water in the ski locker that is apparently getting in only when the boat is under way.
    It is NOT rain water entering the ski locker.
    There is a factory installed bilge pump, but it was not working, but only because I did not have the switch on.
    My concern is "why SO MUCH water?".
    There is also a "vertically" mounted bubble level installed on the baffle wall of the ski locker just above the bilge pump.
    I am guessing that this arrangement may be some kind of "ballast" system designed into this boat.
    Am I wrong?
  • MollyAdminMollyAdmin USAAdministrator Posts: 14 admin
    From the Warranty dept "There is a large amount of turbulence and spray that occurs under a pontoon boat at higher speeds. This spray will find its way to the front, sides and rear of the ski locker and can work its way inside an build up over time. Because of this and condensation a bilge bump is installed in the back bottom of the ski locker underneath the rubber matt. This pump can be accessed for service or replacement from the outside of the locker by laying on the floor and reaching inside to the pump. There is no bubble level or ballast inside the locker or boat. That is a light that can be found on more current models.

     If further assistance is needed, please make arrangements to bring the boat to an authorized Godfrey dealer who is familiar with the boat."

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