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    boat pics

    CRFCRF Member Posts: 229 ✭✭✭

    18 ft. Sweetwater Sunrise (F) Pontoon  "Slice of Life" ; 40hp. Yamaha


    • DdancersDdancers Member Posts: 134 ✭✭
      Very Very Nice!  Took me away from the north east cold that's moving in.
    • BoomerBoomer USAMember Posts: 348 ✭✭
      Dale Hollow Lake Byrdstown Tennessee
    • DdancersDdancers Member Posts: 134 ✭✭

      2015 240 DF 115HP Yamaha

      2.jpg 265.9K
      1.jpg 278.1K
    • SweetH20SweetH20 Member Posts: 14
      I like the furniture covers ! 
      2013 Sweetwater 220SL Tritoon
      150 hp Mercury 4 stroke
      Genesis tritoon Galvanized Trailer 

    • BoomerBoomer USAMember Posts: 348 ✭✭
      SweetH20 if you click on the little envelope with the bent corner you can attach a picture
      Dale Hollow Lake Byrdstown Tennessee
    • DdancersDdancers Member Posts: 134 ✭✭
      I ordered covers at time of purchase but received the play pen cover by mistake, so my dealer had them custom made. I believe the material is an upgraded bonus. I had the play pen cover for about 2 weeks and would end up sweating and hot after an outing. I know the play pen may offer complete coverage, but I prefer these, so much easier. If I go out by myself or just the wife I only remove what we need. Love Them!
    • TReyTRey Member Posts: 9
      I am planning to go on a boat this coming Sunday with my family. Surely I will be back with pictures.
    • lovetoboatlovetoboat Member Posts: 25 ✭✭
      CRF your pictures make me jealous! Freshwater ,covered boathouse with covered party area and a long season[although alittle warm in he summer] some one upstairs must love you! Wish I were there too. Oh welll -guess I'll go shovel the snow[ only 10 inches]
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