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2012 SW2086 - Speaker Size?? -- Thanks!

Howdy, just got a 2012 SW2086 and the first time I took it out some drunk girl my friend's tryin' to get with blew my speakers. They are the stock speakers that come with the boat. They look the same as every speaker I've ever seen on a 2086. 

I have no idea what size/type they are and I'd like to replace them. Any info would be MUCH appreciated!! 

Thanks guys!! 


  • CRFCRF Member Posts: 229 ✭✭✭
    I would imagine the boat builders use whatever they get a deal on. Wouldn't surprise me if some weren't even water resistant. Your going to have to pop the cover or unscrew it to get to the speaker and measure it. You can probably get a better speaker anyway. Save your receipt for the drunk to reimburse you !!

    18 ft. Sweetwater Sunrise (F) Pontoon  "Slice of Life" ; 40hp. Yamaha

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