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    Sweetwater 220 Fuel Vent Issue

    I'm looking for some advice regarding what appears to be fuel vent issues. 2012 Godfrey Sweetwater 220 Pontoon. After about an hour or so the Honda 90hp vtec just dies like its out of gas. We have found that when we loosen the gas cap an excess amount of air pressure comes out then the engine will start and run fine for about another hour or so. The vent runs directly beside the filler mounted to the side of the boat. I can't find any low places or obstructions on the vent hose. Any advice greatly appreciated!

    Also looking for a Ski Rope Tow Bar.


    • Missed_AgainMissed_Again Member Posts: 3
      I have the exact same problem with a 2016 18' Sweetwater and 40 HP Honda.  I contacted Godfrey and they sent me a diagram of the fuel system but no advice.  When it happens and I crack my gas cap it sounds like an inhale rather than exhale.  I think the Net Positive Suction Head drops to a level where we get vapor lock but thinking this does not solve the problem.  After you look at the fuel system diagram IMHO I think the government has made such demands on escaping vapors it is impossible to have the problem solved.

      Missed Again 
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