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what is the small slide switch on the underside of the trotttle/shift control?

Bill_CBill_C Member Posts: 3
I own a 2006 Godrey "Aqua Patio" 25RE pontoon boat w/ a Volvo sterndrive and a 4.3 L V6 engine. I am the third owner and I believe that it's one of the Greatest Boats ever Built!
The above question is the only thing that I don't understand?
I also would like to get a wiring  diagram for my boat.
Thank You in advance for your help.


  • CRFCRF Member Posts: 229 ✭✭✭
    I don't think you'll get a wiring diagram from them. They would refer you to a dealer. The only switches I know of would be- #1 to depress while moving shifter in and out of neutral, #2 to put the throttle in neutral to allow you to rev the engine, #3 safety switch attached to lanyard. You might be better looking at the website for whoever made the throttle assembly. Sorry

    18 ft. Sweetwater Sunrise (F) Pontoon  "Slice of Life" ; 40hp. Yamaha

  • Bill_CBill_C Member Posts: 3
    I believe this switch has something to do with the trim system?
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