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2013 aqua patio 250 wb owners manual part numbers and where to purchase parts

I have a 2013 aqua patio 250 wb. I need to order a part and I am having a difficult time. 
Does anyone know where I can order parts?  and/or
Can anyone tell me where I can find a pdf of the owners manual with part numbers in it?
I need to smoked Plexiglas horixontal door cover for the wine rack / cooler on the front of the wet bar.
Thanks in advance for any help/

PS  This is an awesome boat. 


  • CRFCRF Member Posts: 229 ✭✭✭

    The manufacturer wants you to go to an authorized dealer and buy stuff thru them.

    Rather than answer each of the posts, I thought I could have a new thread or sticky if the moderator can do that. This is meant for those new to boating !

    When you buy a boat, new or used, there generally isn't ONE all-inclusive manual. There will be several booklets, one for the boat, one for the motor, one for the trailer. They are all made by seperate manufacturers. In addition, if you are lucky, there will be paperwork on boat systems such as radio, steering, controls, canvas & vinyl. My Godfrey dealer had all of that for me in a nice canvas bag, as the boat was new. It may be easier to research on the internet, or contact specific manufacturers. If you do post on here, please list the brand names, sizes, and hp.

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    Hi daboatguy, CRF is correct. If you reach out to your selling dealer letting them know of the items you're looking for, they'll be able to place an order for you through Aqua Patio. Thanks! 
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