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Prop confusion

Motor7Motor7 Member Posts: 4 ✭✭
2006 PartyKraft 22', Yamaha F90 w/oem 13 1/4 diameter x17 pitch  prop = 22-23 mph with a moderate load @ 5200 rpm

My SIL ran across a rocky shallow and destroyed the above prop. So I have been reading and researching a replacement that might give me more rpm. Everything I read says going down in pitch will gain rpm. Top rpm of the F90 is 6K, so there there is room for improvement. 

So at a marina near the lake I found a Solas 13 1/2x15. Slapped it on and I got 19mph @4800 RPM...????  Entering my boat info into several prop calculators points to a 14x13 I hesitate on this as I think I will loose more speed and more rpm? So now I am confused and think I will just have the oem prop repaired......what am I missing here?


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