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Help! Prop and speed for 2017 SW Premium 255SB

Last night I looked at a 2017 Sweetwater Premium 255SB with the 150hp Merc 4-stroke. It is a 2 tuber, not a tritoon. I was underwhelmed with performance, with the boat only reaching about 27mph with 3 adults. I noticed that RPM was only at 5000 at WOT. Per Mercury this motor has a redline of 5800 rpm. So I am wondering if it is overpropped. I didn't get the prop information although I have asked the dealer for it.

So, can anyone with a similar boat shed light on this. Is 27mph all that can be expected? I really think the RPMs need to be raised for the motor's health, so I am trying to figure out what prop I would want. Ideas? Thank you in advance, I really love the boat but I don't want to pull the trigger until I understand this issue.

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