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25" shaft on Sweetwater Premium

I am looking at a 2017 Sweetwater Premium with a 150hp Mercury FourStroke on it. Funny thing is that the motor is a 25" shaft, but the transom is made for a 20". I asked the dealer and they said they order all of theirs this way because they were having issues with the Premiums (only the Premiums) cavitating/ventilating with the new Merc 150hp. They claim the shaft is slightly shorter then 20" on the regular long shaft so that even if they mounted it in the lowest hole, it still ventilated. So they now order them with the 25" shaft to avoid this problem. Of course now they are dragging around more lower unit which has affected performance. Anyone familiar with this phenomenon? I really like the boat, but I want to make sure I know what I am getting myself into. Thanks.


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