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Installing Fishfinder

AlChaseAlChase USAMember Posts: 1
Hi, I received a Garmin fishfinder as a Christmas present. Its getting close to boating season in upstate NY, and I really don't have  a clue about installing it. I believe the transducer should be easy enough, as will be running the wires above deck, but where / how do I hook up the electrical connection? I'm not looking to rip up the dash, and I do have a switch available for connection, but I'm just unsure. I have a 2016 Sweetwater 2086 coastal edition. Thanks i advance for any guidance you can give me.


  • BoomerBoomer USAMember Posts: 348 ✭✭✭
    I mounted mine on my 2286 in the indention in the dash behind the radio antenna but all depends how large your fish finder is.
    Dale Hollow Lake Byrdstown Tennessee
  • lovetoboatlovetoboat Member Posts: 25 ✭✭
    don't forget that where u mount the display maybe a problem for the helm cover fit. Wires are usually below deck- drill a hole in the floor under helm area to access. The cable is probably only 20 ft long so check the route carefully under the deck. Does your Garmin have GPS? -very helpfull-wouldn't be without it. Also-the size of the display is inportant[ at least 5in but 9in is better.]  Happy boating!
  • BoomerBoomer USAMember Posts: 348 ✭✭✭
    They sell an extension cable I needed one on my 2286
    Dale Hollow Lake Byrdstown Tennessee
  • carguybillcarguybill USAMember Posts: 35 ✭✭
    I have a Sweetwater 2086BF. I installed mine on the dash. Because the fish finder is too large to be installed in the dash I custom made a stainless bracket to mount the unit above the dash. One advantage is that I can tilt up the display making it easier to read when standing.
    I ran my transducer wiring under the deck and up through the access where the rest of the under deck wiring gets to the dash. I was able to access the back of the dash through the storage area under the helm station. 12 volt supply is readily available under the dash.

    Bill Brown
    Sweetwater 2086BF
    Home: Coshocton, OH
    Boating: Cold Stream Pond, ME
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