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Engine Size for a Sweetwater 2286? NEED HELP 125? 250?

Kardun71Kardun71 Member Posts: 2
Im looking to upgrade to a Sweetwater 2286 by the end of this month. Purchase Date is 7/1/18. My dealer is telling me i need a 125hp for the TriToon boat. From what some of my friends are telling me i need a 250hp or 200hp at the least. I'm trying to do some research and i'm hitting a dead end each time. Does anything have an opinun or advice? Its going to be a Honda Engine but i really need to know the HP for a 22ft TriToon Sweetwater. 


  • 73driver73driver Member Posts: 6
    200hp is the max placarded on the SW2286  I run a 150 Suzuki and that has plenty of push to it
  • SkimanSkiman USAMember Posts: 13
    Go as big as you can and what you can afford. You will regret it, if you go too small. I wouldn’t go smaller than a 150. 
  • proftomdaproftomda Member Posts: 9
    I have a Yamaha F175 on my 2018 2286.  I have only used the boat once with 5 folks on board and 1/2 tank fuel and saw 34 mph. 
  • steve195steve195 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2017 2286WB. It's got a Yamaha 150 and with two in the boat and normal gear and fuel, I can get the GPS speedo to get to 40 MPH at WOT.
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