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Sweetwater Fire

i recently purchased a brand new sweetwater 2486 with a Suzuki 150. On May 28, we noticed smoke and upon further inspection saw that all of the cabling coming from the battery was on fire and melting away. I used our fire extinguisher to put the fire out and was towed back to our house. The following week our dealer came and picked up the boat. Today, I found out that Godfrey has to make the parts to repair the boat and that process is not moving. I tried to call the warranty rep and left a voice mail but have not received any call back. 

My concern is this; this was a near catastrophic event involving my entire family on board the boat. We could’ve lost the whole boat and it was potentially life threatening. If I had purchased a car that caught on fire in the first 1000 Miles, (my boat has 8.5 hours) that Car would’ve been replaced. But I can’t even get a call back from Godfrey. Is this normal for Godfrey? Why don’t they seem to care? I am approaching 4 weeks without a boat. The way this situation has been handled is unacceptable. 

If anyone one has a number for the officers of Godfrey, please let me know. I think they need to know how broken this system really is. 
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