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Pontoons leaking on a 2001 Sweetwater 20SC-Is it the "V" ?

I have the 3 little plastic plugs on top of each toon so I assume the toons for this year model are made up of 3 separet chambers. I have removed the toons in the past and had some spots welded and applied a really good sealer and paint. Had no trouble for years. I trailer it over the winter each year and its in fersh water from July to October1. Last season I noticed both toons took on some water. Enough that it sat about 4 inches lower than normal. I finished out the season and noticed water leaking while it was on trailer but could not locate leak.

I have now removed each toon and do not see any bad welds, cracks or anything. One think I do notice is that there is a welded "V" shaped piece along the bottom of the entire toon. I assume this is to protect it from damage running aground. The "V" is open at the end so I assume its like a hollow tube all the way down that stays wet but can never be patched, welded, or painted underneath it because the "V" covers a 2 inch wide by 20 foot long section of the bottom. If it gets a pin hole under there, how do you repair? Do you have to cut the entire V off to get access or just weld the V shut?




  • lovetoboatlovetoboat Member Posts: 25 ✭✭
    I would seal the end of the "V"{epoky plug] also on the other toon to eliminate water entry through the V on both toons. Freshwater isnt as much of a problem but salt water is potentionaly a big problem .Seal up everything below water line is my best advice -good luck
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