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New Sweetwater 2286 SFLTT27

smootersmooter Member Posts: 5
Just took delivery on this 2019 2286SFL TT27 with the Yamaha F150XB. We had a 2008 South Bay 922 with a 115 Merc 4 stroke


  • smootersmooter Member Posts: 5
    love this boat so far. 
    I've had the 150 up to 5700 rpm at 34.2 gps with a 16x14 black max alum. I think it could get a couple hundred more revs with a 15x15 or a 14.75x15.
  • 73driver73driver Member Posts: 6
    How are you reading Total Time?  My time meter below the RPM gauge in the right of your photo only reads elapsed time.  The dealer is clueless on how to read the total time and Godfrey isn't answer my inquiries.  
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