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Honda or Yamaha,....what would be your choice between these two outboards?

Dewey1964Dewey1964 Member Posts: 3
Just a short quick post here,....if you had to choose between Honda or Yamaha for an outboard,....what would be your choice,and why?


  • RC2762RC2762 Member Posts: 6
    Both very good motors , I would go with best price .
  • lboudreaulboudreau Member Posts: 11
    I would go with Yamaha. They seem very bulletproof.
  • SkimanSkiman USAMember Posts: 13
    edited March 2
  • SkimanSkiman USAMember Posts: 13
    Skiman said:
    I’d also take service centers for the make/model in the area into consideration. I went with Mercury because the few service centers near the lake where I keep the boat were primarily all Mercury dealers. I get all my maintenance there versus a long tow if I purchased another make/model. I wanted to use a certified mercury dealer while the outboard is still under warranty.  

  • proftomdaproftomda Member Posts: 9
    They are both great motors.  Most important thing should be access to authorized service close to you.  Yamaha has a much larger dealer and service network than Honda.  
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