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Loss of fuel to motor at 1/2 tank on gage

rmcraermcrae USAMember Posts: 2
Took my newly purchased 56-hour used 2015 Model 2086 out for a ride tonight. Fuel tank said 1/2 when the engine quit running. No matter what I did, it would not run. Occasionally fire off, but quit after a couple seconds. Got a tow in. Decided to add fuel to see if the gage was ridiculously off. Took about 8 gallons and fuel started spilling out the filler. Gage said full. Pumped the primer bulb, started the engine, ran fine. What gives? Does this boat only have an 8 gallon onboard tank??? I found a label that indicates it should be 28 gallons. Any ideas what could be happening here? Is it possible I have a broken pickup tube or something on a boat that’s only 4 years old?? Thanks for any suggestions. 


  • rmcraermcrae USAMember Posts: 2
    Update: The fuel tank tag states 24 gallons.
  • EricGFEricGF Member Posts: 5
    My 2015 Sweetwater 2086, bought brand new, was advertised to have a 24 gallon tank. It is only a 12 gallon tank. Additionally, my fuel gauge started only registering above 1/2 VERY shortly after the warranty expired. My advice is to follow one of my primary rules of boating: "The only time you can have too much fuel on board is when you are on fire."
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